Our mission is to develop innovative, value, and trusted design solutions to support our Clients in making sound business decisions.

Our Perspective

EVA upholds a holistic perspective in the site development design and construction industry. 

We believe a sound product/design is one that results from the diligence and effort invested into it.   

Site development design requires a broad vision to account for the various local, social, and environmental conditions.   We pride ourselves in creating solutions for our Clients, while being cognizant of the development effects to end-user functions, socioeconomics, and the environment.

Client Focus

At EVA, we maintain focus on our Client’s needs and aim to service our Clients with the utmost priority and professionalism.  We believe that great service defines a great business—hence, we practice our belief.


As part of our business culture, we promote candid and collaborative communication.  We pride ourselves in conveying our technical expertise, such that the Client becomes well informed on the design solutions crafted.  

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